A Force Of Nature..

From professional swimmer to businesswoman, Lady Noora is quite simply, a force of nature. As a professional swimmer, Noora performed competitively representing North London at the county level. Playing sports inspired Lady Noora as a teen, becoming her number one driver. A passion that echoes to this day through her commitment to the health of others. She has developed herself into a personal trainer and has studied nutritional science. A driven entrepreneur, Lady Noora, Lady is poised to launch several ventures. All with ONE aim. To empower others.

She is a firm believer in people and what is possible for them. That no matter what hardships people face, they can overcome anything that life throws at them. Her story of triumph over adversity is an inspiration to so many, especially women from backgrounds where culture has conspired to hold them back from their full potential. She is dedicated to inspiring women around the world to embrace their full potential and step into their power.



"The future holds promise yet the past holds memories that cannot be altered. Between the promise of the future and an unchanging past, we hold a tabula rasa, a clean slate we can start our new chapter upon."




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